DWAR Illustration



Hannes Dolde

aka DWAR / DIZZYDWAR aka “der Zwerg ohne f”

Grafity and graphic design can go weird ways.

hannes dolde | dwar

"i like to interpret a lot when I'm working - strengthening an association or refining weird phenomena forced by combining and pushing / stressing various programs."

My vector work is slick and clean yet lively, sometimes chaotic, often abstract and geometric and centered around composition.

My paper and multi material sculptures pull these ideas and shapes - carefully handcrafted - out of the digital realm.

I'm certain my handwriting shows in my collages and screen prints as well though these have a much rougher look overall. "

Whenever something catches my interest i am experimenting with different materials or media.

If i had to pick one word to describe my work it would be "contrast".


| 0179 75 32 733